Gil Peretz


International speaker Gil Peretz is one of the world’s leading authorities on communication and sales training. With more than 25 years of experience, Gil has coached and trained thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales experts, coaches, political leaders, and diplomats.

Since 1986, Gil has delivered more than 2,600 keynote speeches, presentations, and seminars. He is considered both a “motiv-actional” speaker and a results-driven trainer, covering a range of topics including communication, presentation skills, whole-brain selling, negotiation, intimate marketing, and training for impact.

Gil has helped a wide range of organizations unleash their sales teams’ potential. Global Fortune 500 companies engage Gil for their keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and to coach executives on their presentation skills.

Gil’s clients include international organizations such as Microsoft, Motorola, Coca-Cola, IBM, Allergan, Merck, Teva, Pfizer, Philip Morris International, Swiss International Air Lines, HP, Hertz, Orange, Ericsson, Hilton, British American Tobacco, Manpower, Dun & Bradstreet, M-systems, Comverse, Peugeot, Citroen, Lee Cooper, Delta, and many more.

As a highly respected member of the American National Speakers Association, Gil has been invited to deliver his “unforgettable presentations” many times across the globe at conventions and conferences attended by thousands of participants.

Since 2009, Gil has been invited to deliver his seminars about Obama’s effective secrets of communication and the ways in which they can be utilized for presentations, sales calls, and even in education.

Gil is considered a high-energy, virtuoso intimate speaker with rare presentation talents and a special ability to bond with any audience. Participants at his lectures feel that he speaks to each of them, individually, as if it were an intimate talk. The participants always leave with ideas for immediate implementation and, no less important, with a sense that they have taken part in a special intellectual and emotional experience.

Gil has been teaching “Marketing 101″ and “Sharpening Your Presentation and Speech Skills” at the University of Tel-Aviv’s Faculty of Management – The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration.

Gil is the author of the best-selling instructional novel Intimate Marketing.

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Recommendations from Linkedin ®

“Gil is an exciting and charismatic speaker. He manages to produce a rare blend of practical management and business principles laced with humor, memorable examples and intelligent wit. As a professional presenter and trainer myself, I very much enjoyed his lecture series and gained personal benefit from his special approach.”

“Gil is a brilliant speaker. His presentations are both informative and fun. As Gil so successfully preaches to convey complex messages in simple terms, all that needs to be said is, “don’t miss Gil’s presentations”!”

“Gil is an outstanding keynote speaker with exceptional presentation skills. The crowd was hypnotized! Gil uses innovative tools to convey his key messages thus ensuring active participation on the part of his audience and thorough assimilation of the aforesaid messages. Gil understands the cultural difference among international audiences and has shown the ability to carefully craft the appropriate messaging and tools to use upon each separate engagement.”

“Gil helped me optimize my presentation to a very high level. His open and constructive critique, in a very pleasant yet precise manner was extremely beneficial for me in my preparation before a large audience presentation.”

“Gil is an energetic speaker who embodies forward thinking. Gil’s approach to issues is straight to the point, no-nonsense, and infused with humor and ease. If you are looking for someone to inspire your organization and open the door to better communication inside out, Gil delivers!”

“Gil Perez is a great speaker. I have had the pleasure of attending a number of his presentations at various events. I was impressed and highly inspired. I will strongly recommend Gil as a consultant for seminars on presentation/communication skills.”

“Gil is a talented, creative, visionary entrepreneur with energy and discipline to match his vision. Not only does he have great ideas – he knows how to bring those ideas into reality! If you’re looking for a guy who can deliver the goods, Gil is your man. I recommend him highly.”

“I have hired Gil to guide me through a ‘once in a life time’ presentation to the management of one of the biggest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies in the world. Gil helped me transformed a boring, data based presentation to an emotions-burst of the esteemed audience. Gil’s outside the box ideas together with an excellent understanding of how to influence the audience is highly appreciated!”

“Gil deserves every possible superlative that’s out there. He is one of the most professional business persons I have come across. I would recommend Gil for any type of project related to personal training, coaching and business advisory.”

Nili Peretz


NLP expert Nili Peretz has brought to this joint writing endeavor her experience of over a decade as a business attorney, during which time she has worked as Defense Counsel, preparing dozens of defendants for the most important presentation of their lives—the one that would determine their innocence in front of a judge.

In addition to her BA and MA degrees in Law (completed with honors) and her training as a certified mediator, Nili has contributed her expertise as a Master Practitioner NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to the research, as well as the knowledge and hands-on experience she has accumulated in helping people make significant changes in various areas of their lives through the use of NLP tools.

Nili also conducts “excellence studies” projects – as a role model and as a means to improve business performance.

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